Facility Maintenance

White Glove Group, Inc.’s proposal involves the management and delivery of our full service commercial maintenance programs to ensure that your property is always smartly maintained.

Facility Maintenance

White Glove Group’s programs are tailored to meet your exact requirements and consist of our comprehensive maintenance and cleanliness inspection services. Our program involves a full time presence to accomplish all of the tasks that are required for your specific locations. We will manage the maintenance services contract to ensure compliance to specifications and provide maximum value to you.In providing services, White Glove Group, Inc. will perform all work in a safe manner, comply with all environmental safety and health requirements of your facility, and further comply with all applicable laws, code, ordinances, rules, regulations, and lawful orders of all public authorities. White Glove Group, Inc. will have the sole duty to maintain healthy and safe working environment for our employees and other occupants of the building. The cleaning process used is to provide low impact to building users and employees.

White Glove Group, Inc. will be responsible for the development, implementation, administration, and enforcement of our individual Safety and Health Programs, in addition to any safety or first aid personnel you may choose to assign as oversight to the project site or facility. White Glove Group, Inc. will ensure that these safety and health requirements are communicated and enforced.

Delivering our outsourced maintenance services program for you is a turnkey, collaborative process. During this process, it’s our job to provide guidelines, coordinate services, and execute our programs according to a mutually agreeable schedule.

We will assign a program manger to you for the duration of the program. Our team will work directly with your staff in order to:

  • Establish maintenance requirements.
  • Coordinate schedules and service details.
  • Handle unscheduled maintenance needs and cleanup for special projects.
  • Refine janitorial program requirements and procedures as may be needed over the term of our program.
  • Report to you on the current status of our efforts, problem or issue on demand.

We review efforts conducted on your behalf by White Glove Group, Inc. at several levels on a daily basis. This includes a review of daily activities and the performance of our teams. Our management team performs these checks and insures that all deficiencies are corrected immediately. This process is further described with an overview of our quality assurance program.