Inspections and Assessments

White Glove Group helps prevent the disturbance of asbestos containing materials (ACM) during building demolition and renovation activities.

Our inspection process is specifically designed to identify building materials that might contain asbestos. Bulk samples are collected from suspect materials and analyzed to determine if they contained asbestos. All ACMs are assessed for damage and the potential for exposure.

For building demolition it is required that a certified Asbestos Inspector perform a thorough and comprehensive site inspection and survey of all the construction materials, including the building site foundations, underground utilities, and potentially inaccessible and hidden materials; and to document the inspection findings and results in a formal Asbestos Survey Report.

For building renovation, the inspection and Asbestos Survey Report is limited to the affected construction materials that may be disturbed by the renovation.

The purpose of the Asbestos Survey Report is to document and certify which building construction materials DO NOT contain asbestos.  At the same time the survey report is used to identify and quantify the ACM required to be removed prior to a facility demolition or renovation activity that may disturb the ACM, so that neither of these activities release asbestos fibers to the ambient air.

The Asbestos Survey Report must identify all the suspect building materials containing asbestos that were confirmed NOT to contain asbestos, and also include a separate results table summarizing and listing all the suspect materials that tested positive for asbestos.

 The results table that lists the materials that tested positive for asbestos must include the following assessments of the materials containing asbestos:

  • Description
  • Location
  • Quantities (amounts) in square feet
  • Condition
  • Percent asbestos content, and a statement whether each material is friable or non-friable