Demolition Services

White Glove Group Demolition is a sole source provider for all demolition projects that do or don’t require minority participation. From site preparation, asbestos or lead abatement, demolition, to waste removal with the ability to generate and manage recycling summary reports.

Our operations team and onsite project management are all Waste Cap certified and are equipped to provide daily recycling summary reports to comply with or set standards for any construction waste management program.

We understand that with every demolition project we are responsible for more than just the project itself. This is what sets us apart. Every demolition company large or small has done a project that directly impacts the quality of life in our city and in our communities. When an abandoned plant or a derelict commercial or residential structure has been demolished preparing the site or building for reuse has an immediate impact on the quality of life where the structure was located. The Federal Government’s Brownfield’s Initiative is a prime example, where removing an industrial or commercial structure that has outlived its usefulness and preparing a location for redevelopment will likely increase property values, income generation and employment opportunities.