The Difference We Make

With years of experience in the business, we know first hand the most important aspects of handling outsourced maintenance and building maintenance services. This is because we’ve taken the time to develop and refine best practices for every detail related to the delivery of our services.

WGG - The Difference We MakeYou will be able to observe these best practices enforced anytime you interact with our company. We make the differencethrough better processes, attention to detail and proactive management. Of course these capabilities come only through experience, knowledge, forethought, practice and discipline. The highlighted areas of this section further illustrate the ways in which we differentiate from, and deliver higher quality than our competitors.

Better Processes, Equal Better Results

Providing outsourced maintenance services is about fundamentals and practices that ensure those fundamentals are rigidly followed. The single most important aspect of our operations is adding value to property. To attain these objectives, we’ve taken the time to develop and refine best practices for every aspect related to the delivery of our services. Advantages that we provide include our focus on systematically delivering value through our utilization of the Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) process, complete with related products that are occupant friendly and worker safe. Our best practices programs include our cleaning and personnel management systems, training programs, quality control programs, and management systems development. The result is your facility is more cost effective to maintain, and provides an indoor environment that is healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

Guaranteed Attention to Detail

We guarantee your satisfaction with the services we provide. Our maintenance programs include all of the services that you would consider standard, plus many other features that most other companies rarely consider, much less deliver. In short, we guarantee that keen attention to detail will be applied in every way and every day to the services we provide. Our goal is to create a better, more aesthetically pleasing environment for your properties, and to do this at less or comparable cost to our competition!

Proactive Management

London and TrevWe hold ourselves to a higher standard at White Glove Group, Inc. and as such, you should expect this standard to always be met. White Glove Group, Inc. practices a proactive leadership style that emphasizes quality, excellence, and value-added benefit to our partners. We focus our efforts on value creation, not price. We are proud of the results of our diligent development efforts in this area. As such, we consider our management team’s effectiveness to be on e of the key differentiators. Our management team is always pleased to spend time with you. They are always available to develop custom requirements and procedures and to answer any questions you may have. They willingly accept ultimate responsibility for the success of the programs we deliver. They will answer requests with facts, candid analysis, and intelligent recommendations.

Full Commitment to Green Cleaning Standards

Putting the environment first is second nature to White Glove Group, Inc. It is part of what we do on a daily basis. Energy savings is a fundamental part of our business. Today, we are leading the way with our facility services and building maintenance with our Green Clean program. Our products and services are designed specifically to help customers be more aware of the environments in which they work and live. This combined with the effective and minimal use of environmentally safe cleaning products supports these goals.

White Glove Group, Inc. views green initiatives as integral and vital to achieving facility efficiency and adding long-term value and benefit to building owners. It is a process that permeates our philosophy and aim to be great stewards of our environment and our demonstrated commitment to energy efficiency. This is further evidenced by our other strategic “Green” partnerships, for example with Johnson Diversey the Green Cleaning Products Group of SC Johnson.

You will find White Glove Group, Inc., an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council, to be a proactive and innovative partner in Milwaukee’s Green Building Initiatives

Strong Emerging Business Enterprise Program Supporter

White Glove Group, Inc. is a MBE and DBE certified firm with a strong track record for delivering high quality services. Additionally, our company is a member of the City of Milwaukee’s Emerging Business Enterprise program. During the execution of this contract, White Glove Group, Inc. will, with your permission, actively seek additional EBE participants for sub-contract opportunities and for the expanded administrative services that White Glove Group, Inc. may from time to time require.

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